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Lista programelor de televiziune britanice

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Comentarii Introduction The extensive amount of customisation options in the Store introduced with the 2. This guide, unlike the others, will include both survivor and killer items.

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  4. Some of the adjectives in the following sentences are in the wrong order.

For a while now, I've been annoyed by how inconsistent the customisations in the game files have chewin buring witch fat.

I made a bunch of imgur galleries, but I decided it's about time to make a guide on Steam about it.

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For those who don't know, 'customisations' are the clothing you can equip your survivors and killers with. This guide will include the name, image, description and how to unlock them, if possible. If you notice any incorrect information, spelling mistakes and the like, please point them out to me.

chewin buring witch fat

Also, some names and descriptions have a '??? This means I do not know what it reads.

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If you do, it would be greatly appreciated if you would let me know in the comments. Above all else, enjoy!

chewin buring witch fat

Note: On two occasions, I've had to censor a specific letter in a word due to Steam's censorship against vulgar words. These occasions were this item for Meg [cdn. See if you can guess why.

Sports Socks

Colourful, but plain. Keeps the sun off the head, but not very effective against The Fog. Musky Beanie - Weekend Loungin' Whether preparing for a lazy day in front of the TV, or travelling to the nearest fast food outlet, the casual beanie is the obvious choice! Goodbye bed-hair; hello warm head!

chewin buring witch fat

Standard issue beanie, exclusively for PizzaWhat! Dwighty Beanie - Weekend Loungin' Whether preparing for a lazy day in front of the TV, or traveling to the nearest fast food outlet, the casual beanie is the obvious choice!


Never fear, our courageous leader is here! This five o'clock shadow took a solid month to grow!

chewin buring witch fat

What could be better? Contrary to popular belief, these glasses do not contain prescription lenses.

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They are purely about looking professional and chic. Hot diggity damn! Slick Dealer Hat - Fog Travellers Nothing says 'genuine article' like a fake leather hat and imitation sunglasses. Whatdya say?

chewin buring witch fat

Blue Steel Spectacles - Hallowed Blight C-shaped bridge spectacles with a steel frame coloured by heat treatment. Paired with wind-blown hair, which is never going to be manageable again. Gas Topper - Route 66 What Dwight once wore to his 9 to 5 is now a fashion statement with hipsters everywhere.

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